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Text Box: Survey Results
Random Survey of RAM® User Base
71 Physicians Responded







Comments of Responders (# is the index number of the responder)

#    #3    The RAM test is easy for patients to perform and gives reliable and reproductive results. 

#4.  Valuable tool / has avoided the need for more expensive testing in certain situations. 

#5.  Taking that extra step to determine post-operative visual potential makes the patient feel particularly well-cared for prior to surgery.      

#6.  This instrument is ESSENTIAL for the practice of ophthalmology.

#7.  VERY HELPFUL with cataracts and retinal disease. 

#10  This equipment provides reliable, accurate, repeatable results and has helped our practice tremendously.  The technicians that work with it are in love with it, doctors
        appreciate the accuracy of it.

#11.  Important test for macular function.
#13.  Invaluable test in determining surgical candidates and reasonable predictive post-op outcome.

#14.  I believe the RAM test helps to better identify both patients who will benefit from advance technique cataract surgery as well as conventional cataract surgery.  However,
        even more important is that it allows me to recommend NOT to proceed with surgery in some patients when the prognosis would otherwise be uncertain.

#16.  Easy to use for doctor and patient.

#20.  A pre-op assessment of post-op vision is important.

#22.  This has been especially helpful with patients with dense cataracts and ARMD and AION to predict their outcome.  It allows me and the patient to discuss realistic potential
        in concrete terms, “You have the potential to read this line” and point to it on the chart.  This is a lot easier to use than the PAM which is VERY cumbersome.

#24.  RAM testing has helped predict poor surgical outcomes.

#26.  RAM is an essential component of preoperative counseling for the cataract patient. 

#28.  This test helps with prognosis. 

 #30.  Because I am a retina specialist in a large ophthalmology (California Eye Specialists) as well as a clinical researcher (NIH grants and Novartis grant), I find

          the RAM essential in determining the extent of visual health/damage secondary to retinal disease.

#34.  Easier to use than the PAM.

#42.  Excellent and useful tool.  A must for all surgeons.

 #43.  Has improved outcomes by helping to identify patients needing special care.  Has helped avoid surgery in patients who would not benefit.

#44.  I have adopted RAM testing over 5 years ago primarily to gauge potential vision in cataract surgery patients who have concomitant retinal or corneal disease.  It

         provides evidence for potential benefit and allows a more thorough informedc onsent.

#48.  Valuable but at times time consuming test- thus I concur – reimbursement appropriate.

#49.   RAM has allowed me to better inform patients of what they can expect post-op and to be more confident in recommending surgery and not recommending surgery if

          the potential for improvement is not there.

#50.  I have come to depend on RAM testing every day to assist in medical decisions and management.

#51.  I feel RAM testing is mandatory for me to be able to give a true informed consent.

#53.  Great test.  I wouldn’t practice without it as it helps with differential diagnosis of retinal versus media/cornea/ cataract problems.

#56.  I consider RAM testing invaluable for determining which patients can benefit from cataract surgery.  I have successfully operated on 2 or 3 patients who had been told
        surgery would not help and I have identified 15-20 patients for whom surgery was best avoided.

#59.  RAM testing is a valuable adjunct to the cataract surgery patient work-up in that it helps to provide real-world realistic expectations.

#61.  It has been one of the most helpful tools I use in assessing visual potentials.  It has prevented unnecessary surgeries in many instances where previously the patient and
        surgeon were both disappointed with the outcomes.

#62.    This test will save CMS $$ by avoiding surgery with no visual benefit.

    RAM testing is indispensible for pre-op cataract assessment and for general ophthalmology assessment of retinal function in the setting of corneal disease or high or
        irregular refractive error.

    RAM device is much easier, and therefore more reliable, for patients to use compared to the Potential Acuity Meter (PAM).  Excellent device for providing realistic
        expectations after cataract surgery in patients with macular disease.

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Home Doctors Comments Partial List of Users RAM User Survey Brochure BAM Service Brochure RAM RAM References Complete Literature Service Cases Repairs



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