1.  RAM

2.  BAM

Repairs: Please read carefully and include payment.  Any question call 305-389-0928.

Service Note
Customer's Question:

"Our wonderful RAM is in desperate need of a tune up, but we cannot be without it for a single day, could you be so kind to send us a loaner while our instrument is in for service"  Julio Gonzales, COT, Technical Supervisor, Gordon Weiss Schanzlin Vision Center, San Diego, CA.  Yes, LOANERS are available.

In most cases repairs are performed the day the unit is received.

1. Inside warranty period

Covers all parts and labor
You pay shipping to us, we pay shipping to you (priority USPS)

2.  Outside warranty period

Refurbishing corrects all possible repair issues.  RAM refurbishing is $395.00 and includes all parts and labor.  You pay shipping to us and return USPS priority mailing.  Overnight, next day, & etc. shipping via FEDEX or UPS return mailing will be charged to the client. 

Payment must be made prior to repair, credit card or check.  Include a credit card # or check of $395.00 with repair order.

1 year warranty following refurbishing.


Repair of the Retinal Acuity Meter (RAM) and other products is available through our service department.  Call 305-389-0928, FAX 305-538-5089 or e-mail using the form below.

Mailing address:

AMA Optics, Inc.
314 W. San Marino Drive
Miami beach, FL 33139

Loaner RAM  or BAM units are available at $50.00, we pay priority shipping to you and you pay return postage.


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