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Retinal Acuity Meter (RAM®) ....... Formerly The Illuminated Near Card (INC™)

This brightly illuminated hand-held system accurately assesses macular function (Potential Vision) and forecasts post-operative acuity in eyes with cataract, maculopathy, and glaucoma.  More Info...         


All versions of the RAM are of equal accuracy.  We offer different options to satisfy alternate examinations.  Pediatric testing (E Chart), numeric testing (Numbers Chart), alternative charts (OD/OS), ETDRS logMAR units (Chart 1, Chart 2, Chart R, Chart revised 1, and Chart revised 2),  Low Vision chart (> 20/200), color vision testing (Neuro-Color™ Plates), and standard acuity testing at 85 cd/m2. 


RAM® Versions

    RAM Ultra:  Potential Vision (1 chart, 1 brightness level)

    RAM XL:  Potential Vision, 1 to 4 chart, variable brightness with Super-Bright range

    DL Vision Meter:  Potential Vision and Standard Acuity Testing (2 charts & adjustable brightness)

    ETDRS Vision Meter: Potential Vision, Standard ETDRS Testing (5 charts & adjustable brightness)



   Pediatric (Isolated Es).


    Landolt C

    Neuro-Color™:  Color Plates and Letters   

Glare Test

   1.  Brightness Acuity Meter (BAM): Flood light, mimics picture window glare

    2.  High Beamer Spot Glsre: mimics on coming cars glare

         Identifies glare disability for patient education and Medicare documentation
Measure macular photo stress recovery


    1. Hand-held  Stereoscope

    2. Mini iPad version


    Brightness Acuity Meter Lens Holder (Trial Lenses)

    Carrier Frames

          Used to hold the lens clips and occluder, fits over patient's glasses

    Low Vision Attachment

          Converts your RAM® into a low vision illuminated tester
          Measures from 20/120 to 20/1800 in 9 letters size
          Document vision loss

  Panoramic Pinhole Lens Clip
 Side-by-Side Vision comparison (Impaired vision vs. Potential vision)

  RAM Pinhole Clip

The multiple-perforated pinhole disc has a hinged +2.50 diopter lens attached that flips up and down.  It can be clipped onto the patient's glasses or inserted into the distal lens receptacle of the trial frame.  This versatile clip accommodates a wide variety of retinal acuity testing situations. More Info...

  Magnetic Occluder Disc

        A convenient occluder that attaches and occludes the Pinhole Lens Clip

   Adjustable Neck Strap for maintaining testing distance

        Maintains the testing distance and puts the RAM® in the hands of the patient
        Frees the examiner's hands.

   Case for RAM®.

   Batteries and Recharging unit

        RAM® requires 80% charge for hyper-illumination, insure adequate power with freshly charged AA batteries       
        Keeps a fresh pair of recharged batteries





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