Jay S. Pepose, MD, PHD, St. Louis, MO.:   "Undetected dysfunction of the macula or optic nerve can be avoided in many cases through the use of diagnostic devices such as the AMA Optics Retinal Acuity Meter" ---------------- Harvey Minatoya, MD , Hawaii: "When OCT is abnormal, the RAM tells me the degree the abnormal findings affect macular function and this knowledge gives me peace of mind." ---------------------  Jonathan D. Solomon, MD, Bowie , MD:  "I have found the RAM to be an indispensable part of the lifestyle lens evaluation, and is equally as important as corneal and macular tomography" -------------------------- Steven Kane, PHD, MD, NYC:   "The RAMŽ can be a quick and easy alternative to expensive and more time consuming procedures when evaluating unexpected vision loss."    -----------



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